Thursday, May 28, 2009

M.A.C Dazzleglass Glosses

The first Dazzleglass from M.A.C I purchased ages ago was Funtabulous, a vivid bright purple pink shade with lots of shimmer and sparkle. I thought it looked so fabulous in the tube under the bright store lights. When I got it home I though "my golly Miss Pink what were you thinking". The colour just seemed so bright against my pale complexion. I stashed it away in my Tiffany & Co hatbox along with my massive collection of glosses and didn't really think about it anymore until M.A.C came up with the Double Dazzle Collection!

On one of my many visits to the M.A.C counter I spotted a gorgeous shade called Like Venus. The reason this caught my eye is that it is my ideal shade of pink, bubblegum pink! Of course I had to have it and I must say I am so in love with it I have three! This one perfect Dazzleglass made me suddenly need to revisit the entire collection.

The thing with Dazzlegalss is that they are very shimmery so if you're not into shimmer and a bit of sparkle these probably wouldn't be for you. I personally love me a little shimmer so these are floating my boat like nobodies business.

I have since purchased the following shades in the Dazzleglass Collection:

Baby Sparks - A gorgeous baby pink colour
Smile - A soft pale peachy coral colour
Steppin Out - A medium Pink Shade
Bare Necessity- A nude caramel peachy shade
Goldyrocks - A bright yellow gold which is gorgeous for layering over other shades of gloss and lipstick.
Extra Amps - A hot pink shade
Sugarrimmed - A very pale milky pink colour

Then today I arrived home to find a package on my doorstep from a good friend. Inside were two Dazzleglasses in:

Money Honey - A shimmery rose colour
Date Night - A dark plum shade.

I would like to thank my gorgeous friend for those most unexpected but lovely surprises. How cool is it that she got me two shades I didn't already have. Now there's a girl that does her homework or was it just a lucky guess?

I have since got my very first Dazzleglass in Funtabulous out again and have decided in small doses I can make it work!

That's all for now guys


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  1. I think I am safe from these - I'm not a fan of shimmer on my lips. You are 1 for 1 Miss Pink - although once you get to blushes, lipsticks and eyeshadows, I will be gone!