Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So this is my first blog. I never imagined doing anything like this but some friends convinced me and they must have got me in a good mood because here I am!

If you are not interested in beauty products then you probably aren't going to find much joy here.

So lately I have been going through a M.A.C phase. At the moment M.A.C is my favourite cosmetics brand but I warn you this can change suddenly when something else tickles my fancy. I have many other favourite brands but more about them later!

I have really been digging M.A.C's A Rose Romance collection. I knew I was going to love this from the time I first read about it. It was quite shocking when my M.A.C counter got it in because I burst into applause when I saw it. This gained me some very strange looks from fellow shoppers but hey I was excited.

So after making several trips to M.A.C I now have a few pieces of the Rose Romance Collection. I will start by talking about my very favourite things.

My favourite product would have to be the Circa Plum pigment. This is so pretty. It's a shimmery plum purple colour and it's just gorgeous! It looks amazing layered with either the Shadowy Lady or Cranberry eye shadows from the same collection (yep I got those to). I actually got all the eye shadows including Sliverthorn, Et Tu Bouquet and Of Summer (which is a bright shimmering lilac shade).

I got both the Beauty Powders. They were too gorgeous to resist. I am favouring Summer Rose for some reason.

I picked up another trusty Fix + but from the A Rose Romance Collection. The only difference with this Fix + is that it is rose scented.

I got the A Rose Romance Lipstick which is such a pretty soft pink and for something a bit different I also got Odyssey Lipstick which is a rich plum wine shade.

As hard as it was to limit myself I decided to only get one lip glass in Magnetique which again is a rich plum wine colour.

I really want to get the mutiny pigment but this is so not a colour I can wear but I want it just because it looks pretty in the jar!

The Rose Romance collection is one of my favourite collections from M.A.C but Hello Kitty is my absolute favourite range ever!

I am now getting quite into the Dazzleglass lip glosses. I love me a bit of glitter in the lip gloss. I will tell you more about which ones I have a little later.

So here ends my first blog entry. I hope you guys are not all sleeping at your keyboards out of sheer boredom!

That's all for now xo


  1. Not helping me resist Rose Romance at all here Miss Pink!

  2. Thanks for joining my blog babe!