Friday, May 29, 2009

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things!

Foundation - At the moment I am really loving Benefit's You Rebel Light which is a tinted moisturiser. I also love Jemma Kidd Light As Air Foundation, Ali Hamylton's Creme Foundation Compact (for when I want a tad more coverage), The Body Shop's Moisture Foundation, M.A.C's Select Moisture Blend (again this has slightly higher coverage) and Clarins Tinted Moisturiser.

I am quite fortunate that I have pretty good skin so I don't need something with a lot of coverage. However having said that I am definitely going to get Becca Stick Foundation and Compact Concealer in the next couple of weeks.

Concealers - I really love Benefit's Erase Paste for dark circles under my eyes but for more coverage I love Estee Lauder's Disappear Creme Concealer. This one doesn't settle in fine lines and gives great coverage. I also quite like Napolean Perdis Concealer in Amber. I like to set and finish my under eye concealer with Benefit's Powderflage. This is a light reflecting powder. I think this product is either one that you will love or hate and I have heard opinions supporting both off many people.

Powders - I have quite a few powders on the go at any given time. At the moment I am alternating between Halo by Smashbox, Studio Fix by M.A.C, Camera Finish by Napolean Perdis and Hello Flawless by Benefit. I use M.A.C Blot Powder if my skin gets a little shiny.

I consider Napolean Perdis Camera Finish to be my old faithful when it comes to powders. I think this product is a good one for me and when I don't really want to have to think about doing my makeup I always reach for this one because I know it won't let me down.

Halo by Smashbox is a hydrating, anti-aging mineral foundation. It's a powder but it gives great buildable coverage. I am loving this so much at the moment.

Brow Products - I only have three products that I ever use on my brows, these are Benefit Brow Zings, Smashbox Brow Tech and Clinique's Superfine Liner for brows.

Eye Bases - It is a big must for me to use an eyelid primer every day. If I don't my eye makeup isn't going to stay put. Trust me when I say that eye shadow on any part of the face other than eyes is not a good look on anyone. My top three eye primers are Urban Decay's Potion Eyelid Primer, Benefit Lemon Aid and Too Faced Shadow Insurance. I never use Lemon Aid alone but I always use it with Shadow Insurance all the time.

Eye Shadows - I seriously have way too many eye shadows. I look for good quality eye shadows with good colour payoff and durability. I prefer to use shadows by M.A.C, Smashbox, i.d Bare Minerals, Benefit, Christian Dior, Stila, Nars or Estee Lauder. However I think American Beauty, Flirt, Red Earth and The Body Shop do amazing shadows that are in the less expensive price range. My fool proof eye shadow combination by M.A.C is Shroom, Mulch and Goldmine.

Eye Liners - I love Jemma Kidd's Stay Put Liners, M.A.C Kohl Liners, Smashbox Jet Set Liner pots, Smashbox Pencils and Laura Mercier Liners from the Stormy Collection. Lately I have been experimenting more with liquid eye liners but I must say I am more confident with gel liners or pencils.

Mascara - I don't know why but I don't like waterproof mascara. I have never used them. It's just one of my many little beauty quirks. My favourite mascara is Benefit Bad Gal Big Lash Mascara followed by Becca's Ultimate Mascara, M.A.C's Plush Lash and Max Factors 2000 Calorie Mascara.

Pigments - M.A.C again is my favourite here but I have also ordered some from Spell cosmetics which I can't wait to try out. I like to press my pigments to make them easier to work with. They tend to be a bit messy loose.

Bronzer - I have three bronzers that I love. These include M.A.C Bronzing Powder in Golden, Nars Laguna and Benefit's Dallas. These are my foolproof bronzers. I have others but these are my top 3!

Creme Cheek Colours - The winner here is clear for me. I love Becca Creme Blushes, Lip and Cheek Beach Tints and Lip and Cheek Cremes. My favourite cheek colour is Rosebud by Becca. I also quite like M.A.C Blushcreme's ( Sweet William being my favourite amongst these).

Powder Blush - This is my biggest beauty weakness. I can not resist a gorgeous powder blush. I have way too many but yet I still continue to purchase them like a mad woman. I love love love M.A.C powder blushes. The shades are all too gorgeous for words (which is why I have so many of them). I also love all the different finishes you can get with M.A.C powder blushes. I also love Nars, Becca, Smashbox, Benefit, Flirt and American Beauty. Actually there's just too many for me to name individually. My favourite powder blush is probably Pink Swoon by M.A.C.

Lipsticks - There are so many that I love but I will give a special mention to Benefit's Silky Lip Colour in Jing-a- ling, M.A.C lipsticks in Angel, Chatterbox an A Rose Romance and also Dior and Chanel Lipsticks.

Glosses - Gosh my favourite changes every day but I can't go past M.A.C Lipglass, Lustreglass and Dazzleglass. I also love Becca's Glossy Lip Tints (Flirtini being my fave), Smashbox Full Potential Glosses and Clinique's Long Wear Glosses are a few that I am a fan of.

Highlighters - I really like Jemma Kidd All Over Dewy Radiance Cream in Iced Gold, Becca's Shimmering Skin Perfectors, Becca's Pressed Shimmer Powders and Smashbox Soft Lights.

So there's just a few of my favourite makeup things.

That's all for now guys XO

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