Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bath Time

In my world there's a lot to be said about the good old bubble bath! I enjoy nothing more at the end of the day than lighting a gorgeous candle and sinking into a mountain of white fluffy bubbles and letting any stresses of the day float away.

Now don't get me wrong, I love my spa but nothing takes the place of my old fashioned claw foot bath. Besides products don't work in spa's unless you're going for the bubbles down the hall type effect!

I have loved bath time ever since I was a little girl. My Mum never had any trouble getting me in the bath, it was more a case of having trouble getting me out! I remember being small and toting my Avon Little Blossom Bubble Bath into the bathroom like it was my most prized possession on earth.

It's funny how things change as we grow older. My tastes have certainly matured but my love of the bubble bath still remains exactly the same. Of course these days I am more discerning about the products that I use. I love buying, sniffing, touching and playing with anything remotely bath like.

I spend hours pondering the likes of Lush, Myer, The Body Shop and little boutiques that sit on the outskirts of the Hobart CBD. The internet is another place I spend hours searching for the Holy Grail bath and body products that I long to find.

I have a bath that I consider my staple. It's the no brainer bath that doesn't require thought, just pop in the products and hop in. I will list the secret recipe below but shhhhh it's a secret Lol.

My No Brainer Bubble Bath:

Lush Creamy Candy Bubble Bar Slice - Crumble under warm running water to make mounds of cake smelling bubbles.

Lush Butterball - Pop this little one in before stepping into the bath. The cocoa butter will release and leave your skin feeling velvet soft.

Lush Sexxx Bomb Bath Ballistic - This smells of musk, jasmine and ylang ylang but more importantly it sends the water a beautiful shade of bright pink and lets face it what bath in my world would be complete without pink!!

MMM Bath Melt - Pop this gorgeous pink bath melt in when you sink back into the bath to relax. Sweet smells of pink marshmallow will disperse and take you to far away sweet places.

All you need now is to sit back and relax because finally you will know you have arrived..................... In bath time heaven!!

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