Sunday, July 5, 2009

M.A.C Bubbles Lipstick

Bubbles lipstick from M.A.C came out as a part of the Sugar Sweet Collection. Initially I thought how weird to bring out a White Glaze Lipstick and who on earth would ever wear that. Yet here I am a few months later totally loving it and wearing it all the time. The trick is that you don't wear Bubbles on it's own (of course you could if you wanted to). I think the idea is to mix Bubbles with other lipsticks to create different colours or to bring out the true tone of a gloss. I think it's an ingenious product and have been having all sorts of fun mixing it with other lipsticks or glosses. This one is Limited Edition so I might have to grab a couple more as backups. The name is just so adorable also!

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