Thursday, July 9, 2009

M.A.C Paint Pots

I am developing an unhealthy obsession with the M.A.C Paint Pot. I do know some people that don't like the Paint Pot but I honestly wouldn't be without these. My makeup wouldn't feel ''done'' without them.

I once used paint pots on their own (and they are perfectly fine alone) but now I tend to use them as an eyeshadow base and enhancer instead.

I find paint pots a lot easier to work with than Paint by M.A.C. Firstly I like the little tub as opposed to the tube that M.A.C Paints come in. The consistency is less thick than paint and frankly I find them easier to work with.

I hope M.A.C decides to come out with some new colours in the Paint Pots because I think they are brilliant and so underrated.

Paint Pots I have include:

Blackground - which is black with a tiny bit if shimmer. I can't rave enough about this one and it's one of my favourite makeup products at the moment. This is fabulous for bringing out the true tone of eye shadows. It looks a little scary in the pot but it really is one of the best eye products I have used in a long time. I heart Blackground!

Groundwork - This is medium brown neutral taupe without shimmer. This is great to use as a base with M.A.C shadows such as Mulch, Satin Taupe and Woodwinked.

Fresco Rose -A shimmering Pink, great to bring out the true colour of any pink shadows especially Expensive Pink, Da Bling, Star Violet, Dear Cupcake and Et Tu Bouquet from M.A.C!

Delft - This is a severe colour for me and probably the Paint Pot I use least. This would be fabulous on those who can get away with vibrant turquoise and teal colours. This is an extremely pigmented shimmery Teal Blue/Green colour. This is great worn alone or with shadows such as Electric Eel and Clarity from M.A.C!

Artifact - This is an amazing dark burgundy shimmer colour. I always wear this under M.A.C's Trax shadow!

Indianwood - A fantastic shimmery bronze that would suit any skin tone. I wear this underneith M.A.C's Woodwinked to really make the colour pop!

Bare Study - The most used Paint Pot I have. It is brillaint to prime lids as a base, as all Paint Pots are. It's a shimmery champagne colour and makes a great highlighter as well. This is the one Paint Pot I think everyone should own.

Painterly - A matte nude beige. This is great for prepping lids and also disguising any lid imperfections such as veins etc. This mattifies the lid area and primes the eye making it look perfectly natural. Great for wearing with lighter shadows as a base. If this was a powder shadow it would be M.A.C's Shroom.

Constructivist - This is the first Paint Pot I ever owned. As I wear a lot of dark brown shadows this is the perfect base. It's a shimmery dark brown and adds so much depth to brown eye shadows. I wear this a lot with M.A.C's Mulch.

Moss Scape - A shimmery deep moss green. Great to wear under shadows such as Sumptuous Olive, Green Smoke, Humid and Swimming by M.A.C!

Rubenesque - A beautiful shimmering golden peach. I love this paint pot so much. It's gorgeous on its own or with M.A.C's Goldmine or All That Glitters Shadows.

Greenstroke - I don't think you can get this one anymore but it is the most beautiful shimmery pale green!

Soft Ochre - The perfect neutral lid colour. This is very mattifying and is a soft beige colour. This is not unlike Painterly.

So there's all the Paint Pots I have from M.A.C. I don't think it is necessary to have every coloured Paint Pot in your kit, just one would be fine if you just wanted to use it as a base. To use for a base I would recommend Painterly for a matte colour base or Bare Study for a shimmery colour and highlight.

The Paint Pots are fantastic for grabbing powder shadow. They help your shadows last all day without creasing and help the colour of your shadow reach it's full potential. I find they make my shadows pop and help give a true colour reflect than if I just wore the shadow alone.

I still use Too Faced Shadow Insurance or Urban Decay's Primer Potion to prep my lids before using Paint Pots!

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  1. *wanders off to add yet more Miss Pink inspired items to the mainly Miss Pink inspired M.A.C. wishlist*...............