Sunday, July 5, 2009

M.A.C Style Warriors Collection

Hey Everyone,
I have been terribly slack with posts here but I promise to try harder from now on.

Makeup wise it's been a pretty eventful month for me, with many new purchases that have simply blown my mind and my credit card!!

I was hugely excited when M.A.C Style Warriors Collection was launched. I really loved this collection and thought that this and Rose Romance have been the best collections we have seen from M.A.C so far this year.

So I am going to do a quick review of my favourite products from the collection. I got most of it but I am not going to review everything because I figure there are gazillions of You Tube reviews and Blogs out there that cover most of that. However if there is something you are particularly interested in feel free to message me and I will definitely try and answer your questions.

Some of my favourite Style Warriors Products include:

On A Mission Beauty Powder Blush - This is just a really different and gorgeous colour. It is a purple plum shade which when applied does tend to come out more pink on the skin. It is so beautiful though and very highly pigmented.

Lustre Drops - The texture of these is so light and blends so easily into the skin. Other illuminators that I have used have been more heavy in texture and sometimes that makes them hard to work with. These however just melt into the skin!

I am pink obesessed so of course Pink Rebel was the obvious choice of colour for me in the Lustre Drops but I liked them so much I went back to my M.A.C Counter and also picked up Sun Rush Lustre Drops as well. Pink Rebel is a soft pearly pink liquid shimmery colour and Sun Rush is a pearly baby peach/bronze colour. I just pat these gently along the top of my cheek bones and they make a great highlighter!

Purple Rite and Brave New Bronze Lipsticks - These two are my favourites out of the lipsticks! The other two (Tribalist and Sunsational) perfectly fine but my heart belongs to the two I am about to mention. Brave New Bronze is the perfect nude shade for a fair lass such as myself! I don't think this would be a great shade for people with darker skins as it may not show up well or may wash out the complexion slightly. Purple Rite is a medium to bright magenta shade and is quite a bold strong colour. However it's very wearable when teamed with subtle makeup and works so well in making your lips the focal point of your look. Anyone could wear this colour in my opinion.

Lipglass -I purchased all the Lipglass shades from Style Warriors. The colours were all so pretty I couldn't resist! Liberated is probably my favourite. This one is a yellow pearly gold colour, now I know that sounds freaky but it applies quite sheer and the beauty of this product is that applied over the top of different lipstick shades or mixed with other glosses it gives all colours a totally different dimension. Fierce and Fabulous is another great colour. It is a bight magenta purple and is so pigmented it looks almost opaque and resembles a liquid lipstick more than a gloss. Gold Rebel is a great neutral shade of bronze. It is quite sheer but this one is great for all skintones. I like to apply it over a neutral lipstick (usually M.A.C's Blankety). Style Warrior is a very pigmented deep dark bronze.

Eye Shadows - I love the Eye Shadows from Style Warriors. My favourite is definitely Night Manoeuvres which is a rich dark charcoal brown shade. I am a huge fan of browns and this was so different to any other colour I had in my collection. This is fabulous for creating a smokey eye. I also really love Soft Force which is a frosty white colour. This is great to use as a highlighter and you could even use it as a base. I am quite obsessed with highlight and base colours at the moment. Vibrant Grape is a gorgeous vivid bright purple. It looks a bit shocking in the pot and at first I thought there was no way I was ever going to be able to pull off wearing it but with a light hand it looks amazing. Tempting (which is a part of the normal M.A.C line) I already had and Bright Future was a little too yellow for me so I left that one. Overall the eye shadows are definitely worth checking out from the Style Warriors collection.

Solar Bits - I had never tried Solar Bits before. I know they have been in previous M.A.C collections but I had never seen them before (must have been before I became a M.A.C Junkie lol). I was so excited about these that I ordered them online (yep all 3) prior to even knowing what they were like. I assumed they were going to be exactly the same as M.A.C Pigments.

Firstly the Solar Bits colours are quite phenomenal! Bronze Scape is a gorgeous deep yellow bronze with lots of gold pearl in it. Impassioned is my favoruite and is a beautiful cool taupe brown shade. Scatterays is a golden peach colour and is very similar to Melon Pigment from M.A.C.

The Solar Bits are quite tricky to work with and they can be quite messy which I know turns a lot of people off. They are a lot chunkier in consistency than pigments. However if you can apply the Solar Bits without making a total mess of yourself they look great and you can create different finishes with them. They are very richly pigmented and give brilliant colour pay off. In hindsight I think I would have only purchased one if I had my time over again and that would have been impassioned.

So there's the wrap up on Style Warriors. A great collection from M.A.C and well worth checking out!

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