Sunday, January 17, 2010

At Home Pedicures

Sundays have became at home pedicure days of late for me much to the horror of my Podiatrist. As I am diabetic my medical professionals insist I consult a Podiatrist for all foot care issues. God forbid I ever cut my own nails or let a Beauty Therapist touch my feet (which regardless of what anyone says happens once a month every month lol).

Anyway my at home pedicures are pretty basic but I love doing them because I like my feet to look nice and feels smooth.

Step 1 - A nice foot soak for around 15 minutes in a bucket filled with warm water, a few drops of essential oil and a fizzing Lush Bath Bomb.

Step 2 - Dry off feet and attack heels with a foot file to remove any rough or hard skin. Don't be shy get in there are file the crap out of them.

Step 3 - Apply some Solar Oil to cuticles and gently push cuticles back.

Step 4 - Massage a scrub all over feet for a few minutes. Then rinse off in a bucket of water and dry off feet.

Step 5 - Apply a coat of Creative Nail Designs Super Sticky Base Coat.

Step 6 - Apply a coat of desired nail colour, allow to dry and repeat.

Step 7 - Apply a coat of either OPI's Drip Dry or Creative Nail Designs Air Dry. Allow nails to completely dry.

Step 8 - Massage a rich foot cream or body butter into feet and pop on some socks to allow the lotion to thoroughly moisturise the feet.

Nail polish colour of the week is OPI - Lincoln Park After Dark!


  1. I would love to have a professional pedicure. But I have a thing about anyone (even my husband) touching my feet. After a 14 hour shift, if I need a foot rub, I do it. I can do an at home pedi, with my beloved Foot Spa (I adore that machine).

    One day I will work up the nerve............

  2. Lol - You should visit a pediatrist (such fun for footophobes)!! I love my footspa but never use it - must reinvestigate!!