Sunday, January 10, 2010

Eyelid Primers

There really isn't anything worse than creased eye shadow on an otherwise perfectly made up face. When I think of the years I walked around with creased eye shadow it makes me cringe in horror. When I discovered eyelid primers I think it was truly one of the best things, beauty wise, that ever happened to me.

These days thanks to the magicians who invented lid primers I can apply my eye shadow with confidence knowing that at the end of the day my makeup is going to be perfectly intact until I remove it with eye makeup remover.

There are lots of different eyelid primers on the market but I have four foolproof surefire staples that I guarantee will not disappoint.

1. Urban Decay Primer Potion - This is what I refer to as my miracle cream in a tube. If I had to choose only one lid primer it would definitely be my UDPP! This light textured base ensures eye makeup will not budge until you take it off with eye makeup remover. The only fault I can find with UDPP is that the packaging is a little inconvenient. A lot of product gets stuck in the curves of the container and you have to cut open the container to remove the excess. I was shocked at how much product was still in the container because it was impossible to get out with the doe foot applicator. Once cutting open the tube you need to put your excess UDPP immediately into an airtight container otherwise it may dry out.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance - This was one of the first eyelid primers I ever used. It works just as effectively as UDPP and is packaged in a convenient tube. I find Too Faced Shadow Insurance requires a little more time to dry on the lid than UDPP but it's equally as effective. The tube packaging is very convenient as it allows you to squeeze every mere morsel of product out until it's completely empty.

Pop Beauty Eye Magnet Primer - This is another effective eye primer which comes in pen like packaging with a brush applicator. Holds eye makeup in place and prevents creasing. I prefer to put the product on my fingertips as opposed to brushing it on.

M.A.C Paint Pots - whilst not specifically an eye lid primer these pots are fantastic multipurpose products. They can be used as cream eye shadows or eye shadow bases. They are fantastic for bringing out colour intensity in powder shadows and they also ensure your eye makeup stays put all day. If you were to choose only one Paint Pot and wanted to use it only as a lid primer I would suggest Soft Ochre as it is a matte flesh toned shade.

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