Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Earthquake in Haiti Crisis

When things happen in the world like the devastating earthquake which has hit Haiti it really makes me assess what is truly important in life. Sure we all love our beauty products and pretty things but at this time I feel that our fellow human beings in Haiti need our financial help more than we need beauty products.

I have donated to the Haiti appeal and the Australian public have now donated over 5 million dollars I believe (besides the aid that the Federal Government has pledged). If every person in this country donated just $1 to the appeal we would raise 20 million dollars.

I know a lot of people out there are doing it tough in this economic climate but I urge everyone to give what they can. Even if you can offer love, support, prayers and spread the word it will all help.

Lets get behind the Haiti appeal, I know I hope people would do the same if disaster ever hits our country again. We got so much support when the Fires of 2009 devastated the Victorian community of Marysville and surrounds, so lets give back what we can to people who so desperately need our help in Haiti.

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