Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Favourite Eye Cream

I have been on a crusade for years to find my holy grail eye cream. I have tried many different eye creams and balms from simple generic types to upmarket ones that cost hundreds of dollars. There have been eye creams that I have really enjoyed using but I had never found one that worked in a multidimensional way on things like puffiness, dark circles, effects of aging and hydration. I had certainly never found one that delivered every single thing it promised. There are so many one trick wonder creams out there it all became quite confusing.

In early 2009 my Beauty Therapist put me onto Lydia Jordane's Firming Eye Gel. I bought it and immediately saw that my puffiness disappeared quite quickly upon application. It felt cool on my skin and seemed to hydrate well. The firming eye gel is fantastic for puffiness and I keep mine in the fridge which makes it extra effective upon application.

The next time I had a facial I noticed that there was another Eye Cream in the Lydia Jordane range called Eye Lifting Cream. My Beauty Therapist advised me I didn't need it as it was for more mature skins and as I had no visible wrinkles, lines or signs of aging as yet she felt it was unwarranted. Well me being me totally defied and ignored my Beauty Therapists advice and told her I wanted the Eye Lifting Cream anyway LOL!! As it turns out purchasing the Lydia Jordane Eye Lifting Cream was the best act of defiance I ever committed.

Lydia Jordane Eye Lifting Cream is without a doubt the best eye cream I have ever used. It's hydrating, firming, lifting, de-puffing and anti-aging all in one. I had a few fine dehydration lines around my eyes (believe me they really were there) and within days they had disappeared.

I have been using this cream for almost a year now and I really wouldn't even bother looking for another. This does everything I need and you know what the best part is? It is super affordable at less than $60 Australian. The tiniest little bit goes a long way and I just love it. If you can get a sample of this I would highly recommend trying it.


  1. Where does one acquire this? please? xo

  2. Hi Rosie Bear, I am not sure of too many places that stock Lydia Jordane in Tasmania but my Beauty Therapist carries it and it is also available at Norris (Hair and Beauty Wholesaler) in Glenorchy. If you need to get hold of it I would be happy to get it for you or I can send you a sample as I have a couple on hand. Hope that helps xo