Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lime Crime Lipstick Review

Just prior to Christmas I was overjoyed to purchase my first Lime Crime lipstick ever!

The day this arrived at my door was seriously a joyous occasion, well for me anyway, but perhaps a terrifying experience for my Postie.

Picture this:

A 32 year old woman answers the door in hot pink P.J's covered in rubber duckies to greet her friendly Postman. Postman says "I have a package please sign here". The 32 year old woman then starts shrieking and jumping up and down on the spot clapping her hands saying "Oh wow I didn't think this would get here so fast". The Postman looks puzzled and somewhat alarmed. He shoves the package into the 32 year old woman's arms and leaves before she can even sign for the package. He drives rather quickly up the driveway and disappears like a bat out of hell never to be seen since.

This Postie is apparently so traumatised he now just dumps any packages on the doorstep and doesn't even bother ringing the bell.

Anyway the point of all the excitement is that amongst other things in this package is my first ever Lime Crime Lipstick! Being a psychopathic pink loving lunatic perhaps this image will give you some insight into why I was so excited.

Now I do realise that this type of thing may not appeal to everyone but for me, a six year old girl masquerading in a 32 year old body, this lipstick packaging is the stuff that fairy floss coated dreams are made of.

Enough about the packaging, now down to the actual product. Lime Crime's Great Pink Planet Lipstick is an opaque pastel pink shade. It's texture is very rich and creamy with no shimmer or glitter particles. It is a very wearable colour and is one of my favourite lipsticks ever! This lipstick is appropriate for daytime or evening looks but as the lipstick is quite attention grabbing I prefer to wear it during the day with very basic played down eye and cheek makeup. That is quite the contradiction considering Lime Crime the brand represents bold, brash, loud, proud and out there (well in my opinion anyway).

Images Thanks To www.limecrime.com


  1. I love the packaging!! The colour of the lippy isn't me at all, but I'd buy for the packaging alone!

  2. I was wondering if you found these to be drying? I've read so many mixed reviews about Lime Crime products