Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy 60th Birthday Dad!

I don't usually tend to write about myself and what goes on in my personal life in this blog, mainly because I am a private person and frankly I don't think anyone would care about what I get up to in my spare time. However I am going to make an exception here and let you all in on a big secret we have planned for my Dad's 60th Birthday next week.

My Dad is a very humble person. He has worked incredibly hard throughout his life (I'm talking 16 hour days) to provide our family with a very comfortable lifestyle. He always made sure we had everything we needed and worked his finger to the bone to give us (his kids) the very best education possible.

The thing about my Dad is that he is one of the most selfless people on earth. He never asks for anything. The rest of us in our family have all had big Birthday Parties to celebrate "big" Birthday occasions but Dad said he didn't want one. He didn't want one for his 40th or 50th and he doesn't want one for his 60th.

We were tempted to throw Dad the MOTHER of all surprise parties but knowing his wishes we decided that we wouldn't do that. However we have organised something very very special.

My Dad served in The Vietnam War and during his time there he became particularly close with a fellow Australian Soldier. They were great mates, but then his mate was badly hurt in Vietnam and had to be flown home to Australia and as he was from another state Dad didn't see him again. This man thankfully recovered (well as much as anyone who went to such a shocking war could recover) but ended up moving to Canada where he married and made a life for himself.

Dad often talked about this man over the years and then a couple of years ago out of the blue this man came looking for Dad. After an extensive search he located my Dad and the two began conversing via e-mail and the telephone. Late Last year this mans Sister came to Tasmania from her home in Adelaide and her and her husband came and spent a few days with us at our family home. She was the most delightful person and her visit got us conspiring a massive surprise for my Dad's 60th Birthday.

So next week on my Dad's 60th Birthday we are having a Birthday Dinner at a very nice restaurant and we have bought my Dad's old mate and his wife all the way from Canada as a very special surprise. They haven't seen each other in more than 35 years and I absolutely can't wait to shock the hell out of my Dad in the very best possible way.

I am sure it's going to be a very emotionally charged reunion. I am so excited to do this for my Dad. I have kept this massive secret for over a year but now that there is under a week to go until my Dad's 60th it is getting so hard to hold the secret in. What's worse is my Dad keeps talking about him and is organising a Christmas gift to send to Canada. Lol!!

Luckily there's no chance of my Dad reading this blog as he doesn't know it exists or even who the hell pinkcupcake is LOL. I just wanted to share that with you all.

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  1. Oh what a beautiful, thoughtful surprise. I'm sure your Dad will be overcome with joy, and that is the best gift you could give him. A huge Happy Birthday to your Dad.