Friday, December 11, 2009

Mini Haul

Yesterday I had a couple of hours to fill in before meeting my family for Dinner in the city so I slipped by the shops (which is never a good sign for my bank balance). There is still quite a few presents I need to buy for Christmas but luckily my Mum and I are heading to Melbourne on Wednesday so I live in hope I will be able to buy the rest of my gifts for other people whilst I am there.

So yesterday I ended up picking up a few things from The Body Shop, Lush and Myer.


Want To Believe Bath Melts x 10 (these are not all for me, I think they are hilarious because they look like a lump of coal, so I got them for some girlfriends as stocking stuffers for Christmas).
Chox Away Soap
You Shall Go To The Ball Gift Packs x 3 (because I love the Fairy Tail sugar scrub in them so much and you can't but it individually until the new year).


Chanel Coco Mademoiselle EDT Perfume. I have this in the EDP but wanted something a bit lighter for summer so I picked this one up. I also got the body lotion to match.

The Body Shop:

Cherry Blossom EDT perfume - So pretty!

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