Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Aftermath of Christmas

So here I am laying on the couch at my parents house two days after Christmas sipping Coke Zero from the can trying to recover from a massive few days.

I can't believe Christmas has been! It all seems to have passed in a blur but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Each year in our family we have a bet on who will get the worst Christmas present for the year. Everyone who participates puts $25 into the kitty and once voting has occurred the person who got the worst present gets the kitty money to go and buy themselves a decent present!

I have won the past couple of years with one "worst" Christmas present being a bottle of Tweed perfume and another being a box of out of date biscuits (and I mean out of date to the tune of 2 years). This year however I fear I may not be in the running even though I did get a voucher for the local Chemist who sells crap all! My Brother got a cracker this year, an aunt gave him a big beer money box and a pair of those hideous satin boxer shorts with static flying from every thread. Voting closes on New Years Eve so I will let you know who wins this year.

Christmas day was fun although incredibly hectic. My God Children had a fabulous day and it was great seeing them all so happy and excited. I do believe that children can be over indulged though and this year was definitely off the radar present wise for them.

Something I find hilarious though is my 5 year old God Son! He wasn't overly fussed with all his toys but he went off over all his clothes! He just loved them and I fear I have created a designer loving mini me. My Mum was giving me daggers when my God Son opened his presents and said "look I got Nike's" and oh look Santa bough Dulcie ate Cabana (aka Dolce and Gabbana)!

I got some beautiful gifts this year thanks to my beautiful family and friends who I love and adore more than anything else on this earth. Lots of treats that I will surely enjoy using and wearing. A few Blue Boxes from Tiffany & Co and lots of perfumes and beauty bits and pieces that I love etc.

Hope everyone had a brilliant Christmas and has a Safe and Happy New Year.

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