Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lush Christmas Goodies Haul

I love Christmas time at Lush. I look forward to seeing what products they come up with each year for their Christmas range. I went to Lush last week and stocked up on limited edition Christmas products. I think that Lush have pulled out all the stops this year and I just love their Christmas products for 2009!

Snow Fairy has been an absolute favourite product of mine for so many years now! Last year I actually purchased enough big bottles of it to see me through until this Christmas when it resurfaced in the stores again! I would be devastated if Snow Fairy was ever discontinued and disappeared!! My Mum gets me a big bottle of Snow Fairy every year for my Christmas stocking! You know how people get staples every year from their Mum? Well instead of socks and jocks I get Lush Snow Fairy.

Anyway back to my haul! I ended up picking up quite a few things:

Snow Fairy Shower Gel - So sweet and fruity and just my kind of scent! Love love love this.

Snow Fairy Solid Perfume - My eyes nearly popped out of my head I was so excited to see that Snow Fairy has been released in a solid perfume. I rather embarrassingly broke out into a little round of applause I was so thrilled about this product (much to the amusement of the Lush Staff)! It smells exactly the same as Snow Fairy Shower Gel. I love it and it lasts a really long time on my skin.

The Godmother Soap
- Not a Christmas product but since I was celebrating all things Snow Fairy (and the Godmother soap smells exactly the same) I just had to get some.

Star Melt
- A gorgeous pink star shaped bath met that smells exactly the same as Snow Fairy! This is giving my favourite Mmm Melting Marshmallow Moment Bath Melt a serious run for it's money. I must stock up on these so I have enough to see me through next Christmas Lol!

Fairy Tail
- I think this is my favourite Lush product for Christmas (although I am mega excited this is going to be permanent). Basically it's a sugar scrub shaped like a little pink mouse with white chocolate eyes and a little string tail. It smells the same as Lush's Yummy Yummy Yummy Shower Cream (strawberry) and is an amazingly effective body scrub. It gave a thorough exfoliation and my skin felt amazing afterward.

Sexy Boy Massage Bar
- This cute little fella is shaped like a gingerbread man. He is almost too cute to use. I find Lush's massage bars extremely moisturising. They leave the skin so soft and smelling delicious. Sexy Boy is white chocolate and lime scented although I can't seem to smell the lime it still smells amazing!

Want To Believe Bath Melt
- This looks exactly like a lump of coal (but with sparkles). You know the old saying if you've been bad Santa will leave you coal instead of presents, well this coal smells kinda good so I couldn't see any girl being disappointed if Santa left this chunk of coal for them.

Cinders Bath Ballistic
- This is a small bath bomb around the same size as Lush's famous butterball. It smells so good, like orange and cinnamon, and comes with popping candy built into it to make a crackling noise as you soak in your bath (supposedly to remind one of a burning open fireplace).

Little Lush Pud Bath Ballistic - Looks just like a little baby Christmas Pudding. This year lush made it smaller and I think it's somehow much better than the bigger one they have done in previous years just because the larger one was almost too strongly scented and became almost overpowering when in the tub. Lush Pud smells likes cloves and really makes me get into the Christmas spirit.

Satsumo Santa Bath Ballistic - This bath bomb is a really fat orange scented santa. It is so cute, I have to buy some more because my Mum stole my first one and My Godson abducted the second!

So White Bath Ballistic
- A cute little white bath bomb that comes with shavings of Lush Bubble Bars within it. So once emulsified in the bath it will leave white bubbles on top of your bath to give the effect of snow. This one smells of rose, apples and oranges.

Double Fast Luck Emotibomb
- This is a bath bomb for your shower. You simply pop it on the shower floor and as it fizzes away it releases essential oils of orange, lavender, patchouli, lemongrass and elemi. I find this really perks me up if I feel a bit sluggish in the morning and just for Christmas Lush have made it purple instead of its usual pink colour.

Saturnalia Bubble Bar
- This gnome shaped Santa Bubble Bar has a funny story! It is known as No Name because it is given a different name in every Lush Store around the world. As I live in Hobart my store have named this little guy Ho Ho Hobart!

Ruby Red Slippers Bubble Bar
- This is back for another year and sends your water a rather disturbing red colour, which to me is quite disturbing because it looks like some poor soul is bleeding to death in the tub. However the gorgeous smells of geranium, rose and tangerine oils compensate for the blood connotation!

Christmas Eve Bubble Bar
- A blue glittery bar with a bright yellow moon. This was made to calm and sooth children into a deep slumber on Christmas Eve however I think it's smell of ylang ylang and jasmine is a more sexy adult scent.

Candy Cane Bubble Bar
- This is exactly the same as Lush's Creamy Candy Bubble Bar (my fave) except it's redressed as a candy cane just for Christmas.

Angels Delight Soap
- Another of my favourites that reappears every year at Lush for Christmas. This is a very sweet and fruity scented soap.

Father Frost Soap
- Father Frost Soap is Lush's very first palm oil free soap. Lush is aiming to eliminate the use of palm oil in their soaps for the purpose of saving our planet. This initiative means that the Lush soaps aren't going to lather up quite as much but if it helps save our worlds Rain Forests I don't think there will be too many complaints. Father Frost is a dark blue soap which smells of garden blossoms.

Snowcake Soap
- This all white soap looks just like snow. It is very lightly scented with benzoin and rose. This is a very unisex soap in my opinion so would be good for men also.

The thing I really love about Lush is their gift packs. They cater for every budget and are priced from $9.95 to $140. This makes them accessible for everyone.

Note: I am not affiliated with Lush in anyway, I was not paid to review these products and all products were chosen and paid for by me.

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