Friday, December 4, 2009

The White Christmas Tree

Today I went shopping with my Mum and God Daughters to do some Christmas shopping as well as purchase a new Christmas Tree for Mum and Dad's house!

Well it turned into a riot because the Christmas tree the kids had their hearts set on was Sold Out! It was a white one and they wanted to decorate it with pink and silver ornaments. Miss 6 decided that someone should ring Santa and tell him to bring more to K-Mart!! So a few tears and one pretend phone call later and I now have to drive 100km tomorrow to pick up this white tree from another store!!

I took the girls to Lush and they all walked out with little bags of goodies which they were thrilled about. There's something about sweet smelling things with lots of glitter and sparkles that excites my God Daughters beyond words (Hmmm I wonder who they get that from).

Next was a trip for the annual Santa photo and then some lunch at a nice restaurant. Why is it that no matter where you take kids to eat, or for that matter how nice the food is, they always want McDonalds?

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